provides free and paid subscription packages for service providers. Each package comes with different capabilities. Listed below are some of the capabilities available within the different packages.

  • Booking Option: This capability allows service provider to have an appointment booking feature on their profile page so that the customer can book an appointment for their services.
  • Invoice Option: This capability allows provider to have an invoice system within their profile account. Service provider can generate invoice(s) for each booking or for customer and get paid as well as book-keeping and accounting.
  • Availability Option: This capability allows the service provider to define time slots for appointments available for each working week day. This feature shows the customers available time slots for appointments as well.
  • Team Member: This capability allows Service Providers to create staff member and show them for selection at the time of appointment booking by the customer. (There is also auto assignment and manual assignment of booking to staff member feature available.)
  • Cover Image on Profile Page: This capability allows Service Provider to upload own company image on their profile.
  • More Images in Gallery: This option allows Service Providers to upload more images in their profile gallery to show the world what services they provide. Number of images allowed depends on the Service Provider’s subscription package.